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16 April 2011 - Updated 17 July 2013

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G20 Action Plan to Address the International Economic Emergency

The appeal to the UN Commission on Human Rights - Security Council are clear:

Efforts to address this economic crisis through contingency discussions on the UN and International Bar Association level have failed, prompting the call for legal review of available evidence by the UN Commission on Human Rights and Security Council.  It is critical that emergency actions are coordinated to stabilize the global financial system and humanitarian emergency that continues to spiral out of control.   This includes the development of legal tools to (1) assist restructure under bankruptcy protection for all UN member countries, (2) address market distortions associated with the unregulated global OTC derivatives market and shadow banking system, (3) debt relief proportional to resultant damage and (4) emergency humanitarian assistance for impacted populations. -- Financial Crimes Referred to UN Commission on Human Rights [1]

In the context of speculative trading of central bank emergency funds and appeals by the UN [2,3,4] to address this variable that has devastated every UN member country via our current oil/food shock/crisis, the focus is clear:

Immediate emergency actions to shut down speculative paper trading, with futures contracts for delivery only, as the new mandate for infrastructure critical commodities futures trading.  As the direct cause of the humanitarian crisis that has destabilized Africa and the Middle East, and inflicted severe pain on the grassroots level in every UN member country,  it is essential that pricing of infrastructure critical commodities return to accurate supply demand metrics. Immediate emergency assistance is needed in proportion to the damage inflicted by distorted valuations following the global market crash of 2008.


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