1 November 2012

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In Times of Trouble We Unite

In Times of Trouble We Unite, it's "The American Way."

Since 1999, Country Music Association Artist H-II has been coordinating the HRI:CFPNET Hurricane  Preparedness Initiative for coastal cities in the Eastern United States.  Three years into this effort, we have a better grasp on why this initiative was critical.

When the size and scope of Hurricane Sandy was projected by our nations top meteorologists at The Weather Channel, The White House responded in real time, calling for our federal, state, local emergency management agencies and Department of Defense to stand ready.  Today, as we recover from the largest tropical system ever to develop in the Atlantic (above North Carolina), the National Guard has been mobilized, to clear debris, rescue stranded people and help with transport, while crews and equipment from the Army and Navy are being sent in to help pump out New York City's swamped subway tunnels (Stars and Stripes).  It's in these life saving missions, that we  better understand the meaning of the "Special Forces Prayer."

In time of trouble, we turn to prayer as a refuge...  as One Nation Under God, America understands the meaning of "The Warriors Code."

Please support relief efforts being coordinated by FEMA and the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).

Together We Will Make a Difference.

Listen to "The American Way," Special Forces Prayer," and "The Warriors Code" soundtracks by H-II, on the Country Goes Global AirPlay Direct preview.

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