3 October 2010 [Edited 15 October 2010]

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Dear Colleagues

Today, I sit in at the midpoint of cancer therapy, initiated with brachytherapy for the primary site, with chemotherapy/radiation the recommended course for the next phase of treatment for a localized spread to 3 lymph nodes w extension into extranodal soft tissue (adjacent glands, soft tissue and skeletal muscle free of incursion based on current diagnostic technologies).

As an athlete, non smoker and one glass of wine/day guy, my questions to the team at Yale Cancer Center were focused on my non HPV, high P16 [1] cancer cell type, alternatives to chemotherapy, and an interest in specific immunomodulatory treatment that targeted the mutational sequence with colony stimulation to facilitate an optimized immune response.  The response was that such treatment approaches were still in the research phase and were not available as an option to chemotherapy.

Per my interest in this topic, I would like to transition international molecular diagnostics discussions from infectious disease research and development [2] to the cancer treatment landscape.  

I would appreciate your feedback regarding peer reviewed collaborative pathways to advance access to related information.  As a starting point, I have provided an online access point for international academic and research community:

Neoplastic Disease: Anti-Cancer: Research and Development
Url: http://unarts.org/nevergiveup/bioinformatics


1. p16 (gene): Wickpedia: Url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/p16_(gene)
2. Bioinformatics: Pathological Diagnostics: Pathobiologics International. Url: http://humanitarian.net/biodefense/bioinformatics/

Looking forward to your feedback,

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