7 February 2011

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H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow Named Ambassador for Vet2011 Global Initiative

This last week, Dr Claude Grandmontagne, Vet 2011 General Secretary, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon announced Stephen Michael Apatow as a corresponding member and ambassador for the Vet2011 Global Initiative.  Stephen is the founder of the Humanitarian Resource Institute,   Pathobiologics International  and the United Nations Arts Initiative.

In 2011, all veterinary institutions will have an opportunity to organize events in their own countries to promote the veterinary profession through the Vet2011 Global Initiative.   The main aim is to improve public awareness and remind policymakers everywhere in the world that:

--  The veterinary profession has been serving humankind for 250 years;
--  Modern veterinarians are not only animal doctors and animal welfare advocates, they are also key public health stakeholders because of their crucial role in:
  • promoting food security by supervising animal production hygiene,
  • controlling zoonoses,
  • monitoring food quality and safety,
  • biomedical research,
  • protecting the environment and biodiversity.
In 2010, Stephen coordinated an international campaign in support of World Veterinary Day, with the theme "One World, One Health."  During the last decade, as Director of Research and Development for the Humanitarian University Consortium Graduate Studies Center for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Law, he has worked to encourage collaboration between the human medical, veterinary academic and professional associations in 192 United Nations member countries in cooperation with the global "One Health Initiative."

In 2006, as a keynote speaker at the Los Alamos conference "The Future of Biodetection Systems,"  Apatow's presentation  "DNA-based Detection Technologies"  spotlighted operational human-veterinary medical molecular diagnostic applications with case studies that included West Nile Virus and Pandemic Influenza.  In 2002, he was presented the Award for Excellence in Outbreak Reporting on the Internet by ProMED-mail and the International Society for Infectious Diseases.


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