October 2007 (updated: January 2016)


Stephen M. Apatow
Founder, Director of Research & Development
Humanitarian Resource Institute (UN:NGO:DESA)
Humanitarian University Consortium Graduate Studies
Center for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Law
Phone: 203-668-0282
Email: s.m.apatow@humanitarian.net
Internet: www.humanitarian.net

Citizen Journalism: The world cannot respond, if it does not know

The world cannot respond, if it does not know what is going on.  Whether it is an infectious disease outbreak or genocide in Darfur, the world needs to know.

You can make a difference!  How?  Help Humanitarian Resource Institute's to serve as a bridge for unmet needs to untapped resources.  The objective is real time communication of the unmet need or challenge. 


  • Witness: Video as Evidence | See it. Film it. Change it. Artist Peter Gabriel's Project.
  • YouTube
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