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Citizen Journalism: The world cannot respond, if it does not know

The world cannot respond, if it does not know what is going on.  Whether it is an infectious disease outbreak or genocide in Darfur, the world needs to know.

You can make a difference!  How?  Help us spread the word about the importance of the Humanitarian Resource Institute Global Communication strategy.  The objective is real time communication of the unmet need or challenge.  It is as simple as a digital photo or video with an overview sent to those involved with strategic planning and policy development (Humanitarian Resource Institute) and/or the media (Media Awareness Project: Global Media Contact Information and Email Directory).



Resources for Citizen Journalism (Yahoo: You Witness News)
  • Center for Citizen Media: Resources for citizen journalists from a venture affiliated with the University of California and Harvard Law School.
  • BBC's Good Shooting Guide: the basic principles.  The BBC shares its training materials. This is a great starting point for someone who's looking to learn the basics on shooting video.
  • Our Media: Personal Media Learning Center. Our Media is a repository of audio, video and photo content. Its learning center is a good how-to resource.
  • WikiNews: Original Reporting: Some simple guidelines for reporters, including sourcing, disclosure of potential conflicts, and preparing for interviews.
  • J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism: A spinoff of the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, J-Lab is probably the most active organization in promoting the development, study and training of participatory journalists.
  • The Largemouth Citizen Journalism Manual: Largemouth is a group of professional journalists who volunteer time to listen to citizens and to teach the necessary skills to produce accurate, compelling journalism.
  • South Carolina Citizen Journalism Project: The First Year:  One of the best guides to setting up and running a citizen journalism site. Sadly, it's only available as a PDF.

A per requests for information on anonymous web surfing and email, for reports (including those requesting the assistance of Interpol, United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network (UNCJIN), United Nations Security Council):

Please help us spread the word.

Be creative, live for others, serve as a bridge, impact,

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