27 June 2009

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H-II:  Extradition of Prisoners - Contingencies for Refugee Populations

Discussion associated with execution of  imprisoned university professors, journalists, citizens viewed as protesters, has UN leaders positioning to handle a humanitarian crisis.

a senior cleric has urged for Iran's protest leaders to be punished "without mercy" and said some should face execution.-- Hundreds jailed in Iran crackdown: TeleText, 27 June 2009.

In a sermon broadcast on Iranian state media outlet IRIB, hardline cleric Ahmad Khatami said the judiciary should charge the leading "rioters" as being "mohareb" or one who wages war against God. Under Iran's Islamic law, punishment for people convicted as mohareb is execution. -- Iranian cleric calls for executions: Asia One, 27 June 2009.

The international community has no other option than to demand immediate release of prisoners to the United Nations, and in the event of refusal, plans for extradition and evacuation.  Victims of crimes against humanity will not be forgotten (Killed and Detained since 12 June: ICHRI) and perpetrators of these crimes brought to justice .....

In the context of threats to the population, extreme violence and night raids throughout the country has prompted visa's for refugees fleeing the violence.

Iranian paramilitary Basij forces stage nightly raids in Tehran, invading private homes and beating residents in an attempt to stop protests against Iran's disputed election, Human Rights Watch reported. -- Night raids terrorize Iran residents: rights group: Reuters, 27 June 2009.

All who speak out against the violations outlined by Human Rights Attorney, Nobel Laureate, Shirin Ebardi, are not considered safe and countries should be prepared to provide safe haven for these refugees.

Italy has granted visas to Iranians seeking to flee violence at home and wants the European Union to adopt a common policy on how to assist them, the Italian foreign minister said Saturday.-- Italy grants visas to Iranians seeking to flee violence, Ynetnews, 27 June 2009.


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