20 March 2013

Independent reports from the field and from Aleppo Medical Council indicated that the Gas caused respiratory and neurologic symptoms and death. Doctors who treated the patients in the Aleppo university hospital and Al-Rajaa hospital think that the Gas used caused Cholinergic effects that can be reversed by Physostigmine.According to Aleppo medical council, doctors from the field described the presenting signs and symptoms as following: acute bronchospasm, acute respiratory distress and pulmonary edema required intubation, hypotension and severe miosis (pinpoint pupils). Patients were treated with Atropine, oxygen and mechanical ventilation.
-- SAMS condemns the use of chemical weapons and calls for protection of civilians: Assad’s regime carried out deadly bombings, uses media to direct blame on rebels - Chemical attacks, same strategy?
If extremist rebel forces did perpetrate the chemical weapons attack, this means CBRNE weapons have been transfered to transnational terrorist groups, transitioning the Syrian humanitarian catastrophe into an international security emergency.

2 October 2012

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Al Arabiya - Global Terrorist Threat Outlined by Intelligence Documents

Al Arabiya has reported on official Syrian military documents that
outline the source of terrorist attacks within Syria, information warfare and heightened threat for UN member countries:
All countries remain on heightened alert, in response to the movement and potential transfer of chemical and biological weapons, to transnational terrorist organizations.  In February, Syria retaliated against the West by freeing London bombings ‘mastermind’ (Al Arabiya, 5 February 2012).

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