2 February 2012

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Syria: UN Security Council: ICC - Call for Prosecution

Calls have been advanced for prosecution of leaders in Syria who are responsible for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.  In direct contrast to Libya, the people of Syria have been abandoned by the international community, UN Security Council and International Criminal Court, resulting in over 5000 deaths,  including 384 children according to UNICEF: [1]
Countries involved with arms sales to Syria, [2] have threatened to veto UN Security Council actions, while legal discussions have transitioned to contributory responsibility for the atrocities.

Recent discussions regarding destabilization of the Middle East, by potential military conflicts in Syria and Iran, have focused attention on the speculative trading induced humanitarian emergency, oil shock and food crisis.  Mitigation of further economic deterioration includes (1) an appeal to the Basel Committee to establish an emergency action plan that would separate commercial and investment banks, to limit trading with emergency reserve bank loans dedicated to stabilization of countries in technical insolvency [3,4] and (2) a request to the International Bar Association for tools to assist restructure in UN member countries. [5]

Appeals continue for UN Security Council Action, ICC prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity in Iran. [6,7]

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