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Syria: International Humanitarian and Security Discussions

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Where the war still Echoes - Episode 1

In The Spotlight

  • SYRIA2012: The KONY2012 Initiative has demonstrated to the world how social media can be used to advance human rights across the globe.  Today, the SYRIA2012 initiative is being coordinated under the umbrella of the United Nations Arts Initiative, in support of efforts to (1) help stop the atrocities in Syria, (2) bring those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity to justice and (3) advance reconstruction and development in the regions devastated during this humanitarian catastrophe.
  • Syria: U.S. State Department.  Syria Humanitarian Response: USAID.
  • Syrian Arab Republic: Reliefweb, International Crisis Response.

10 March 2013

3 March 2013
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3 March 2012

Preparing for a NATO level Operational Medicine Response for Humanitarian Catastrophe in Syria.
In an address to the UN General Assembly, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stated that the Syrian authorities have committed widespread crimes against the civilian population. Mr Ban blamed the Syrian authorities for creating an armed conflict and using disproportionate force against initially largely peaceful opposition forces. -- Ban Ki-moon Says Syrian Authorities Committed Crimes Against Civilian Population: International Criminal Law Bureau, 3 March 2012.
Call for Humanitarian corridor for cities under siege, call for withdrawal of all Syrian troops, NATO: UN Peacekeeping Force for containment of threats, facilitation of humanitarian assistance.
Full, unimpeded humanitarian access.
1 March 2012

The UN Security Council Demands full, unimpeded humanitarian access. Susan Rice: United States Mission to the United Nations.

25 February 2012
24 February 2012
23 February 2012

UN panel draws up Syria crimes against humanity list: World Awaits ICC Action.
21 February 2012
17 February 2012
16 February 2012
13 February 2012
In the context of Iranian destabilization of the Middle East, any escalation would encompass an Interpol level 190 country security transition (Top Navy official in Gulf says US ‘ready today’ to confront Iranian aggression in region: Washington Post, 12 February 2012).
  • Terrorism: Interpol.
  • Interpol Fusion Task Force:  More than 240 designated FTF contact officers from more than 120 countries form this global network of counter-terrorism specialists.

12 February 2012

The Russia/China Veto of the UN Security Council resolution to support International Law and the Declaration of Human Rights, in the face of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Syria, has now opened the door for the void to be filled by Al-Qaida:
In conjunction with the humanitarian emergency, the prevention of transfer of Syria's Weapons of Mass Destruction, is a focus of NATO's Fight Against Terrorism.

CBRN Detection: Regional/Intercontinental Spread
Human Rights & International Law vs Enforcement - CBRN Implications -  A 10 Year Discussion:

If a rogue country is in possession of weapons of mass destruction, and the intelligence community has sufficient information that an imminent threat exists for a terrorist attack, does the United Nations and Security Council possess the capacity to prevent the incursion via preemptive action?

In the context of international law, Jayantha Dhanapala, Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations, articulates:

"Perhaps the weakest area of the rule of law now concerns the issue of enforcement. It is a truism that international law lacks the police functions that are found in domestic legal systems -- it is instead a system that still relies largely upon self-help when it comes to enforcement. The ability of the UN Security Council to perform its enforcement responsibilities under the Charter is limited by its need to operate in consensus and by its practical inability to order enforcement actions -- especially involving the use of military force -- against one of its permanent members."

Weapons of Mass Destruction, Nonproliferation and International Security: Stephen M. Apatow, Humanitarian Resource Institute Legal Resource Center, October 2002.


8 February 2012

Humanitarian Discussion

Syria: Medicine Used as Weapon of Persecution: Medecins Sans Frontieres, 8 February 2012.

Legal Discussion
International Security Discussion (H-II OPSEC)

7 February 2012

Transition to International Security Discussion

Today's International Security (H-II OPSEC) discussion focuses on two issues: (1) Syria retaliates against West; frees al-Qaeda''s Europe chief - London 7/7 bombings mastermind: MSN, 2.5.2012.  and (2) Transfer of Syria's Weapons of Mass Destruction: NRI: Threat Analysis: Country Profile: Syria.


6 February 2012

The escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Syria,  has prompted a call for the international community to support an immediate Arms Embargo, that extends to all countries that are state sponsors of terrorism in the region (U.S. State Department, NATO).  This includes neutralization of interbank activities associated with the embargo and financing of terrorism. [1]

  1. Combating the Financing of Terrorism: Presentations and Papers: Basel Institute on Governance, October 2008.

5 February 2012

Contact: Stephen M. Apatow
Founder, Director of Research & Development
Humanitarian Resource Institute (UN:NGO:DESA)
Humanitarian University Consortium Graduate Studies
Center for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Law
Phone: 203-668-0282
Email: s.m.apatow@humanitarian.net
Internet: www.humanitarian.net

HRI:UNArts: Humanitarian Intervention Initiative
Url: www.unarts.org/H-II

Syria: Focus Moves to International Criminal Court

Earlier Today, thirteen of the council’s 15 members voted in favor today of a proposal by Western and Arab countries to end the bloodshed in Syria. Russia and China, two of the five permanent council members with veto power, blocked its passage.  [1]  Following the vote, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the block undermined the role of the UN and the international community at a time when the Syrian authorities needed to hear a “unified voice”. [2]   Calls for immediate emergency action to protect civilian populations in Syria, now moves to the International Criminal Court (ICC):
Since Syria is not a member of the ICC, and is outside of the jurisdiction of the Court, the UN Security Council would need to mediate a referral (as was the case in Libya: United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970).  The current dilemma has prompted an effort to establish an alternative mechanism for referral to the ICC, that would be applicable in cases associated with War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide. [3]

Supporting materials from the International Bar Association International Criminal Court Programme and Human Rights Institute  include:
The humanitarian emergency and refugee crisis has also intensified appeals for increased support of UNHCR in the region. [4,5,6,7]
  1. Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria: Bloomberg, 4 February 2012.
  2. Ban says block on Syria resolution undermines UN: UN Radio, 4 February 2012.
  3. War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and Terrorism: Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota.
  4. Hatay tent cities inundated after Syria opens floodgates: Today's Zaman, 1 February 2012.
  5. UNHCR: 5,238 Syrian refugees now in Lebanon: Zawya, 26 January 2012.
  6. Islamic Relief USA to Assist 5,500 Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Reliefweb, 13 january 2012.
  7. Syrian Arab Republic:  Country Reports, Reliefweb.


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